Featured Brands


A US brand offers magnetic wooden blocks. Key features:

  • Creativity – No instruction manuals or electronics, just blocks that inspire limitless creativity across all ages
  • Goodness– Wood sourced sustainably from Honduras and support local communities
  • Quality – All blocks are designed to work together; block size is based on children’s hands, and how they play with and hold the blocks

Brand line: We design our blocks purposefully with the goal of creating the best building system out there.


A US educational toy brand with more than 50+ years of history. Key features:

  • Design-centric products rooted in geometry
  • Build an awareness of mathematical principles
  • Focus on early childhood education
  • Focus on building STEM skills in children of all ages

Brand line: To create objects of lasting importance that enrich the lives of children and articulate and define creative, joyful, and meaningful experiences.


A US brand that brings the ultimate toy car experience and open-ended play. Key features:

  • Mix and match building system allows for BILLIONS of car designs
  • Finger-driven with real steering and suspension mechanics
  • Super quick assembly times – less time building, more time playing!
  • Durable construction and with real 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish

Brand line: Modarri reflects long-lost values of classic play: building cars together and sharing parts – actively socializing and making memories together.


A German construction toy brand with more than 50+ years of history. Key features:

Made in Germany quality
Used in schools across the global for teaching technology and for industrial simulations and training
The basic building block allows you to add other parts and build on all six sides
Four product lines that suits different age groups
Everything works together, and all blocks fit together to create a logical concept

Brand Line: Learning success, with guaranteed playing fun!

Fat Brain Toy Co.

A US toy company working with innovative materials and contemporary designs. Key features:

Promotes smart toys and games that educate AND entertain
Offer an amazing selection of creative and original toys
Toys that matter to the grey matter

Brand Line: Where most toy companies are chasing the hot trend, we’re establishing entirely new trends by working with brilliant inventors and designers from all over the world.